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Without PS beauty makeup and skin care brand advertising will be what?

Without PS beauty makeup and skin care brand advertising will be what?

2018/10/30 22:43
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After the state food and drug administration clearly stated on January 10 that it was illegal to declare "cosmeceuticals" and "medical skin care products"
After the state food and drug administration clearly stated on January 10 that it was illegal to declare "cosmeceuticals" and "medical skin care products", on January 24, a reporter from Beijing business daily found that searching "cosmeceuticals" on taobao and jingdong had shown "no products found". But as of press time, when searching "medical skin care products" on taobao, many related products can still be found.
On jingdong mall, although relevant products of "medical skin care products" cannot be searched, the system recommends "medical skin care products". After searching according to the guidance, the page shows First aid beauty, kolokaria, kony and other related products.
It is worth noting that on January 22, the original name of morita cosmeceuticals registered and certified by Shanghai shenting biotechnology co., ltd. has been changed to morita brand information. Does this mean morita will start to lead the change in the "cosmeceuticals" industry? To this, Beijing commercial daily reporter interviewed morita in the form of email, but as of press time, the other side did not give a reply.
Although online, "cosmeceuticals" related products are rejected by e-commerce in different forms. But offline, it's a different story. When the reporter visited before, he found that omey cosmeceuticals, ube cosmeceuticals and other cosmeceuticals stores still carry the "cosmeceutical" banner.
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