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Western cosmetics chain big play tricks

Western cosmetics chain big play tricks

2018/10/30 22:42
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Western cosmetics chain big play trick, hit the "new retail" under the physical store pain point. In march, the ministry of commerce released a report on the development of China's retail industry in 2017-2018, saying that the sales of the 2,700 typical retail enterprises it focuses on monitoring increased 4.6 percent year-on-year, and their operating profits and total profits increased by 8.0 percent and 7.1 percent respectively. It can be seen that China's retail industry has experienced the pain of the transformation of physical retail, business difficulties gradually improve, showing a stable trend.
"In response to brexit, the European medicines agency (EMA) has moved its headquarters from London to Amsterdam," KOTRA London trade director Cho Yeongsu told a brexit briefing in Seoul on March 20.
The seminar, co-organised by the Korea trade association and KOTRA, aims to develop a post-brexit corporate response.
Director zhao says, because the European, South Korea and the European Union signed a free trade agreement is no longer effective, to impose tariffs, bound to lead to price rise, therefore in the eu's products need to follow the new rules of CPNP choose new RP, because registration completed in major European CPNP commodity circulation, and registration can only finish the RP.
According to market research firm NPD group, the UK's high-end skin care market is worth 594m pounds in 2018, while the high-end make-up market is worth 835m pounds.
Zhao believes that with the brexit, international companies are moving their logistics warehouses and factories to third countries outside Europe, which should be used as an opportunity to expand the domestic market in the UK.
Japanese car company HONDA has announced plans to close its swindon plant in the UK by 2022. NISSAN also plans to build its new SUV in sunderland in Japan.
Separately, appliance companies dyson and SONY, based in Wiltshire, plan to move their headquarters to Singapore and the Netherlands respectively.
Stephen Revell, a lawyer at law firm Fresh Bruckhaus Deringer, said: "UK companies' share prices are falling as a result of brexit and should use this as an opportunity to open up markets in the UK and Europe."
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